Abacus Stagetech, we use only the very best curtain track and suspension systems from companies such as Triple E, Goelst, Silentgliss, Yewdale, Halls Stage,  Mottura and Doughty.

We can specify exactly the right track to suit your own circumstances depending on curtain weights, track location, manual or electrical options.

There are walkalong, corded or motorised options in  light, medium and heavy duty options - depending on your requirement.

We have track systems which can be curved to enable continuous perimeter drapery to be installed, such as in Drama and Dance Studios.

Electrically operated systems are being increasingly specified and these can be operated by wall switch or remote control.


All our curtain track systems can carry Stage Curtains , Theatre Curtains, Drama Studio Curtains,  Auditorium Curtains and School Hall Curtains.

We carry out re cording and re wiring of your Stage Curtain Tracks. We repair stage winding mechanisms and can fix that tangled mess of wire resulting from a winding handle coming undone!


We fit electric motors to curtain tracks, we fit belt drive track systems. We can carry out full refurbishment of your stage tracks.

Please feel free to use our PDF resource below.


Design and installation of  remote controlled or hard wired motorised stage tracks and stage suspension systems including motorised pulley systems for scenery and grids.


We specialise in the manufacture and installation of ...

Front of House Stage Curtains

Drama Studio Curtains

Acoustic curtains

Village Hall Curtains

Theatre curtains

Stage Legs and Borders

Dance Studio Curtains


We manufacture black wool serge curtains , BoltonTwill curtains and Kilo wool serge acoustic curtains  - both of which are heavyweight, and ideal sound absorbing material.

Using either black wool serge or kilo wool serge can dramatically reduce echo and reverberation in a room.

Typically ' Front of House Curtains' will be made from Velvet Velour and finished with weighted hems and a good quality FR lining. Quite often though we will use Dimalan or Lanvera or other woven materials such as Budlan or Bolton Twill, all of which are inherently flameproofed in accordance with British Standards. 

Budlan is a very cost effective fabric to use, as is Bolton Twill and we will tend to use these on stage for legs, rear stage curtains or borders, or for perimeter curtaining. 

For situations where blackout is required in a room, such as School Hall Windows, Auditorium Curtains or School Science Labs we have Premier Blackout, which gives 100% total blackout.

We purchase our fabrics from companies such as JC Joel, Whaleys, JD McDougall, Pinewood, Prestigious Textiles,  SMD, Bennetts Silks, Panaz, GP & J Baker, ROMO, Zoffany, Designers Guild.


We have now been appointed as distributors for PROLiTE LITEDECK modular school stages and can now supply Stages to school which are mostly of modular construction for easy assembly and storage.  Either a covered rubberised top or natural wood can be supplied. They are light, easy to assemble, easy to store away afterwards. Ideal for Schools, Village Halls and Community Halls. 

Drama Studio Curtains
Mirror Curtains in a dance studio
Curtains in a student union by abacus stagetech
Abacus Stagetech put curtains at bedord school