Black Wool Serge Curtains

The industry standard for reducing sound reverberation and echo in a room is black wool serge or kilo wool serge.

You can achieve excellent sound reduction by using Kilo Serge or Black wool serge.

Abacus Technical Services can manufacture stage curtains and theatre curtains to various degrees of fullness to suit the application but we would normally allow 50% fullness.

Frequency (Hz) Weight

Premier Wool Serge 565g/m2 

Heavy Wool Serge 625g/m2 

Kilo Wool Serge 800g/m2

All of our Black Wool Serge and Kilo wool serge curtains meet the requirements of BS5867: Part 2: B which is the British Standard for flame retardant fabrics used for the manufacture of curtains or drapes. All are woven from fibres with a high flame retardancy to create an IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) Fabric.

Black Serge as wall hangings

Black Wool Serge Acoustic Wall Hangings 


Velvet Velour Curtains

Velvet Velour provides a great alternative to the Wool Serges where a richer and more aesthetically pleasing effect is required and yet high levels of sound absorption are still required.
Abacus Technical Services can manufacture to various degrees of fullness to suit the application but we normally allow 50% fullness. It is possible to use a cotton lining on your Stage and Theatre curtains with Velvet Velour which protects the velvet from UV and allows the curtains to drape better. Velvet can also be lined with a black or coloured serge to achieve very high levels of acoustic specification.

Product                                       Weight                    Colours

Velvet Velour                                395gm/m2              33

Heavy Velvet Velour                      520g/m2                 10



 Velvet velour as acoustic stage curtain 

Coloured Wool Serge Curtains

Coloured Wool Serge auditorium curtains will provide excellent sound absorption. They can be used by themselves or as a lining for other curtain materials to provide a very high acoustic rating.

Abacus Technical Services can manufacture curtains to various degrees of fullness to suit the application, although it is normal to allow 50% fullness.

Coloured Wool Serge 400g/m2

Coloured wool serge perimeter curtain

Coloured Wool Serge Perimeter and Stage Curtains